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How do I stay Enlightened Everyday?

There is a new enlightenment taking place on the planet! Everyday Enlightenment is a light filled state of consciousness, an experience of the All That There Is you can achieve and be present in every minute of every day no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing.

Learn More About A New Enlightenment

Meet the Founder of Enlightened Everyday

Learn more about Elizabeth Cantey, the Founder & Director of Enlightened Everyday. Her years of study and certifications, and practice as a teacher and speaker, have guided her to create a unique healing modality and a path of Enlightenment for Everyday living.

Meet Elizabeth Cantey

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Enlightened Answers
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Are You Asking Enlightened Questions?

One of the differences between an enlightened person and another is evident in their self questioning.  For example, after a failed relationship, one trapped in the ego, or small mind, might ask themselves: Why does this always happen to me?  Why do I always attract the crazy ones?  Why was he such a jerk?  Is that what I get for

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Enlightened in Disney World? Absolutely!

On a recent trip to Disney World with my 10 year old son, we experienced many of the joys that Disney promises: an escape into a “real” fantasy, a world of fun and adventure, of made up characters and a sense that anything can happen.  We also experienced what many others do: throngs of people, long lines, children crying, overwhelming

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Our Services


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Transformational Workshops!

Elizabeth Cantey is an uplifting and inspirational speaker, teacher and seminar facilitator. She regularly provides transformational workshops for both private groups and spiritual centers.

“Awakening the Enlightened Within” is a series of transformational workshops designed for people to experience their own powerful brilliant light and know themselves as Enlightened Everyday!

****Please join me for a two hour workshop entitled “Creating Change” held at the Center for Spiritual Living in St Augustine, FL on Sunday, November 17th at 11:45.  The cost is a Love Donation!  Please contact me directly at Elizabeth@EnlightenedEveryday for more information!****

***Please join our ongoing group, “Enlightened Everyday: Practicing the Presence” where we read, write, meditate, discuss, and inspire each other to reveal the enlightenment in our everyday lives.  We meet every other Tuesday evening. Please contact me directly at Elizabeth@EnlightenedEveryday.com for more information.****

“The Enlightened Everyday Relationship” is a workshop designed for couples who wish to experience their connection with Spirit in their connection with each other.

Check back soon for an updated list of classes!

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Meditation Sessions

Meditation Sessions


Through the practice of stilling our minds, we gain access to the Infinite Mind and allow new and creative ideas to flow into our everyday activities and relationships

There are many forms meditation can take in our daily practice and in our lives, from the obvious sitting with legs crossed, closing the eyes, and calming the small mind, to active breathing methods which can be calming or invigorating.  There are movement meditations such as dance, tai chi, and  qigong.  And there are musical meditations with drum circles or chanting.  Walking, running,  swimming, or any activity which produces a natural rhythmic breathing is a wonderful moving meditation!  Yoga in all of its myriad of forms has been around as a movement meditation for thousands of years.

And there are Enlightened Everyday Meditations – such as washing the dishes, and doing the laundry!  Anything you do with purpose and intention, including the laundry, can be a meditation.  It can bring a sense of peace and calm to you like you’ve never known, and a deep sense of purpose to even the smallest activity.  Brushing a child’s hair, or walking the dog in the rain all can lead to sahaj samadi – bliss and alignment with the All That There Is!

Elizabeth Cantey’s Meditation CD’s will be for sale here, so please check back soon.

**A FOUR WEEK SUNRISE MEDITATION begins Sunday, June 16 through  Saturday, July 13.  It will be held on the beach in Ponte Vedra just south of Micklers.  We will begin at 6:30am with pranayama (breathing) and then a silent meditation.  We will go til about 7:15am.  Please bring a yoga mat, towel, water, a light jacket, sunscreen, and anything else you may need.  Bring your surfboard too!   Come for one morning, one week, or make it the way you start everyday!

**Email me directly at elizabeth@EnlightenedEveryday.com for more details!

For more group and private meditation coaching, and to learn the Enlightened Everyday Meditation techniques, please contact Elizabeth directly at elizabeth@EnlightenedEveryday.com.

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Spiritual Coaching

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Elizabeth truly enjoys working with others as a Spiritual Coach and has had a successful spiritual coaching career for over 15 years.

“Spiritual Counseling works on the spiritual level of of awareness, focusing on making inner changes in order to manifest desired outer results.  The client is immersed in effect.  The spiritual practitioner works with only Cause.”  Ernest Holmes

As a Spiritual Coach, her priority is to see the Truth about you in any given situation and to help you see the Truth about who you really are as a Spiritual Being.  In doing this, you will feel confident about making any decisions about your life, your relationships, your  home, and  your work, because you are coming from a place of Enlightenment!  You create your life, custom tailored to what brings you the most joy based on how you love to express your Joy!

Unlock your hidden potential; Initiate change instead of being subjected to it;  Live in the awareness of the All That There Is in every aspect of your life; Experience and create Peace, Joy, Happiness, and Harmony in your life, your family, your work, and your community doing what you love, being who you are, and creating what you want!

Spiritual Coaching is a powerful tool to release deep seated fears or ongoing patterns that are no longer serving you, allowing everything in your life to come together to fulfill your greatest expression of yourSelf.

A typical session is an hour and includes meditation, visioning, prayer, and dialogue.  It can be in person, over the phone, or online via Skype.

Working with Elizabeth, you will undoubtedly uncover your deepest Joy and Peace, your inner Enlightenment, and begin to live from your overflow, experiencing greater abundance, health and well-being.  Every area of your life will prosper!

Please contact her directly at elizabeth@EnlightenedEveryday.com for more information.

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Inspirational Talks

Available For:

Speaking Engagements


Motivational and Educational Talks

Ceremonies, Weddings, Life Events

Topics Include:

Ultimate Law of Attraction

Be the Change


Spirituality and Religion

New Thought


What People Are Saying

  • We are so thankful for your kindness and love during this class. You have been a wonderful balance for this group and soothed our cares. We are grateful for your patience as we asked our many questions. You are a wise intelligent Goddess Queen and how blessed we are to have chosen to nestle under your wings! For your wonderful commitment and openness we raise our hands in gratitude. We carry with us your sense of fun and the joy of really being cared for as unique and wonderful emanations of Spirit. Thank you so much for nurturing our creativity and letting us play! We love you with pure, open hearts!
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    Your Self-Mastery Class

  • When my mom passed away before I had a chance to work out the many issues I was having in my life, everyone around me spouted cliche after cliche. But Elizabeth got to the heart of the matter with a few words. I started to see her right away as a practitioner and in the midst of so much angst, and anger, somehow she brought clarity and peace to my mom’s passing. And eventually to my life as a whole. She helped me see my life as Whole! She is amazingly clear about the Truth!
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    Marianne Cantor. Los Angeles, CA

  • Working with Elizabeth as my practitioner and life coach has been an amazing journey of enlightenment. She shines the light of truth and wisdom onto my life situations and clarity follows. She is easy to work with, and the results speak for themselves. The most recent amazing event was when I called her frustrated that my house wasn’t selling, stressed out financially and emotionally, she said a prayer treatment that blew me away, cleared my mind of worry and doubt, and within 2 days I had a strong offer and sold my house in two weeks. Prayer works!
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    Melissa Monroe San Antonio, TX

  • I was one who was frustrated by books like “The Secret” and other methods of supposed trans-formation... Working with Elizabeth I began to practice simple everyday methods for deep transformation. These experiences have literally transformed my life and my relationships! She is a joy!
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    Michael Vrieze. Palos Verdes, CA

All that you know of God, and everything you don’t, is revealed in you, as you, now.